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New York 2015: A World's Fair in the World's City

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1.  What exactly is a World's Fair anyway?


A World's Fair is a large exposition featuring exhibits, as of arts and crafts, scientific discoveries, and products of industry and agriculture, provided by countries from around the world.


2.  Oh, I remember!  But I thought those don't happen anymore.


Actually, they do.  Although there hasnt been one in the United States since the 1984 New Orleans Fair, the rest of the world still bids fiercely for these events.


3.  Wow, it's been that long?  So when was the last world's fair in New York City?


Despite original plans to hold a World's Fair every 25 years, New York City hasnt seen one since the last closed over 40 years ago in 1965.


4.  Well, why hasn't there been one in such a long time in the U.S.?


5.  Sounds like a good argument to me.  Why does New York need this then?


6.  Are there any other benefits?


7.  So how does New York City go about getting the world's fair?


8. What are you in the process of doing then?


9.  Do the chances look positive?


10.  I'm convinced.  What can I do to help?