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New York 2015: A World's Fair in the World's City

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Listen to what others are saying already. . .
  • "My parents took me to the New York World's Fair in 1964 and 1965 when I was barely more than a toddler. That event changed my life and made me the scientist and writer I am today. It showed me the wonders of science. It taught me about other cultures. It freed my imagination and allowed me to dream. That is the power of a World's Fair, a truly great world exposition such as the ones hosted by New York in the 20th century. World's Fairs show us a new vision and open our minds. I thank my parents, Robert Moses, and all those responsible for organizing the 1964-65 World's Fair for allowing me to have that experience. By bringing a real World's Fair to New York in 2012 we can help our children have the same kind of experience and give them a vision for a better world." David W. Kriebel, Ph.D.
  • We lead the world in everything else; it's time for America to lead the world into the future as the beacon of Freedom and Life as it's always been with the World's Fair. We must make sure we do it right though -- not holding back on our creativity -- THAT is our true sign for freedom. -What a better way to show that than the World's Fair?  Micah Enloe
  • "New York is the greatest city ever, and should show that fact to the whole world again."  Thomas B. Puzak
  • "I have attended the '64-'65 NYWF and many since then around the world ('82, '84, '86, '88, '92, '98) with the last one in Hannover, Germany ('00). I will miss the one in Switzerland currently. I go to these fairs because they are educational and I meet people from all around the world. They are a lot better than a geography/history class and you get to collect varied memorabilia. I thought the NY fairs were to be every 25 years. The last one should have taken place in '89-'90, at least that was what I was told in 1965 at the fair. Let's make this a reality. I am sure my daughter would love such an event. I know I enjoyed the NYWF when I was 9 as well as Freedomland in the Bronx!! Do not let this idea vanish . . ." Larry Porco
  • "I am from Florida State University and I worked at Ground Zero over Spring Break. It was an amazing learning experience for me. I think the World's Fair would be a positive influence on all Americans, especially if it were in New York!"  Lauren Hooker
  • NY64 Fair made an unbelievable and lasting impression on me as a 12 Year Old. Unforgetable!!!  David C. Stewart
  • "Obviously the fiscal impact of a World's Fair is beneficial to our receding national economy, but the social unity and nation wide confidence it is bound to restore is invaluable."  Morgan Lynch
  • "I completely support this project! Especially following the events of this past year, we need to show that New York is strong and can bounce back; even enough to hold the world's fair!" Rachel Levine
  • ". . . I believe that it is very fitting to assist New York in some way post 9/11. New York is one of the great cities of the world . . . Right now it needs a vision for the future. Human interaction is what we need to foster understanding between cultures. So far the results of 9/11 have been panic, fear and mistrust. Now is the time to channel our energies into something important. The atmosphere in the World trade Centre must have been something like Expo due to the multitude of nationalities working there. The come back of this kind of atmosphere will be facilitated with Expo 2012 in NYC. Lets go Expo!!!!!"  Leon Saiz
  • "What an excellent way for the world to come together and show support for peace, freedom & unity. World's Fairs have been a significant, positive influence on many lives and nations. The U.S.A. and New York could really use this one. Show your support and spread the word." Kevin R. Davis
  • "Bringing the fair to New York City would be a good thing and I heartily support any efforts to do so."  Stephen Silver
  • "[A] wonderful idea supported by this native New Yorker. Thanks!"  Bruce Terrence
  • "Please bring the World's Fair back. Many people that I have spoken to don't even remember the World's Fair. I remember at age 4 going to NYC and seeing the large round globe. Ths is such a wortwhile event and a piece of history. I didn't know the Fair's were still going on. After 9/11 we need something like this to help with healing and bringing people together." R. Stokes
  • "NYC...the city! Let`s show the world again!!!!"  Jackie Conley
  • "We need this!!!"  Algernon Browne Jr.
  • "It's been too long"  Ken Thalheimer
  • "This city has been through a lot and needs something big" Tarek Uddin
  • "The fairs are clearly an asset for decades after the dust settles. Please organize another!"  Douglas W. Seed
  • "The '64/'65 World's Fair is one of my fondest childhood memories."  Anne Stapleton
  • "It would be nice to revitalize the city with a World's Fair."  Caree Zhang
  • "Make it happen!"  Dommer Severson
  • "Flushing Meadow deserves a third great fair!" Trey Callaway
  • "I am a fan of all World's Fairs and would love to be part of a WF in NY!"  David Rhodes
  • "i love nyc, and that would make it even better"  Scott Berghegger
  • "I was at the 60s NY fair. It was great!! Bring it back!!!"  Thomas A. Kingsley
  • "I feel that bringing the World Fair to New York will bring both emotional and financial healing to that destitute city."  Matthew J. Holmes
  • "Terrific idea, bring people from all over world"  Diane E. Meyers
  • "We need a world's fair in the United States. 2012 will mark the 30th anniversary of the last time a world's fair was held in the United States and the 28th anniversary of the last one in North America. An entire generation has grown up not knowing about world's fairs while they've been held in other continents ever since. Give a whole new generation a world's fair to remember for the rest of their lives."  Urso S. A. Chappell
  • "I was Born in Albany , N.Y. and had the chance to go to the 64/65 NYWF when I was 10. Now I live in Iowa But my Heart is in N.Y."  James C. Williams Jr.
  • "I loved the 1964-65 Fair as a kid. Within the last month I visited the Queens Museum (which is located in a building originally from the 1939 Fair and within the property used for both 1939 and 1964 Fairs) for the first time to recapture some of my memories of the NYWF. This would be a wonderful thing to bring back. In a way, my many vacations at Disney World visiting EPCOT has been a substitute for the NYWF. Let's have the real thing!"  Brett Robinson
  • "I think that a world's fair in NYC is a fantastic idea"  Marc Peretti
  • "I WANT IT TO COME! It will be good for New York City spiritually and financially."  Stephanie Clark
  • "What a great idea! I hope it happens."  Christopher Heumann
  • "New York is the capital of the world. Period." Sammy Shah
  • "I was lucky to have attended both the 1939/40 and 1964/65 World Fairs and have cherished those memories. After 9/11 N.Y.C. needs a new fair more than ever."  Jesse F. Skelton
  • "Since the World's Fair was originally supposed to be in the U.S. every 25 years, and it's been 37 years since it was in NY, and I was only 3 or 4 when it was here, I would love to see the World's Fair come back. I would be particularly interested in seeing some of the old structure's and exhibit's from the World's Fair revisited. Thanks!"  Laura
  • "The world community spirit of a World's Fair is just what we need in NYC. Good luck!"  R. Kelemen
  • "I remember the 1964-'65 New York World's Fair. I was 9-10 years old and attended about five times with my family. I also attended Expo 67 in Montreal and Hemisfair (1968) in San Antonio. I found these fairs to be educational, fun, and a great celebration. You have a great idea here."  Lawrence E. Silver
  • "It would be so nice to have a World's Fair at Flushing Meadows, where the 1939/40 and 1964 fairs were held. The 1964 fair was such a fun time. I wish I had been around for the 1939/40 fair, 'The World Of Tomorrow.'"  Valerie Comeau
  • "New York's last fair was absolutely wonderful, and since 9-11-01, it would be a chance for the world to come and understand the devistation."  Joyce Hoffman
  • "Eight years old in 1965. The World Trade Center was my last connection to that time period."  Joseph Di Gianni
  • "It's about time someone put this together! NYC in 2012!"  Anthony Maguire
  • "I would like to see the world fair in New York. It would be a tribute to all who lost their lives on 9/11/01."  Ruth Fife
  • "We would go to it for sure!"  Ralph and Estelita Erickson
  • "I attended the 1964-65 World's Fair and would love to see it back in NY."  Sharon Christine Cacciabaudo
  • "It's just what the city needs!"  Charles de Gruchy
  • "It would create the most incredible synergy of technology and spirituality and heightened awareness that would truly have a global impact."  Carlton W. Yancey
  • "I have been to World Fairs in Europe and think that having one in New York would greatly benefit the City"  Julie Donovan
  • "The 1998 Fair made a big difference to Lisbon; it could do the same for New York."  Hugh Donovan
  • "It's way past time for another North American World's Fair"  William Westwater
  • "Great idea, NY would be a fantastic place to hold the World's Fair again!"  Ryan J. Corker
  • "Great Idea Guys!!! Flushing Meadow Corona Park would once again be an ideal place for the fair to be situated. Perhaps "this time" the revenue from the proposed "NYC 2012 Fair" would help create the "grand city park" that Robert Moses had always envisioned of creating for the people of NYC. I believe that if the fair does become a reality, that the late Mr. Moses have a pavilion dedicated in his memory, recognizing his many years as a dedicated promoter for this great city!"  Joseph Ergui
  • "As immediate-Past President of the World's Fairs Collectors Society, Inc (USA) - and first European to hold the post, I feel that this project must be give due consideration. It could bring the visitors flocking back to NYC."  Stanley K. Hunter
  • "The USA needs to host a Worlds Fair for the 21st Century and what better place then New York City for a Worlds Fair."  Thomas Sharp
  • "I've heard so much about the history of the fair that I would love to be able to attend one."  Vernon Dement
  • "I attended the '64 fair and would attend the 2012 in a heart beat!"  Alice Reyes
  • "New York is my home and I would like the world to know how incredible this city is. The people are energetic, the streets are glowing, the buildings stand tall. I love New York."  Daniel Rivas
  • "Show the world, and they will understand us better."  James O'Rourke
  • "I think this is just what New York needs. Please make it happen."  Orestes Vega Jr.
  • "The greatest city in world deserves another great world's fair!"  Michael Albert Riccardi
  • "Having attended the 1964/65 New York World's Fair at age 10. I am looking forward to returning."  Gary A. Fitts
  • "1964 New York Worlds Fair made an indelible impression on the life of a young boy from upstate Pennsylvania!"  Ronald Kenneth Bednar
  • "I think it's high time that the World's Fair returned to New York. The benefits it would give to the city would be considerable, more so given the events of this last year."  Kevin
  • "I'm 14 years old, and my mother shares her memories of the 1964 World's Fair with me... I think this is a great idea and I thoroughly support it!"  Alexandra Spencer
  • "What a great idea! I am an Expo freak from way back. I was lucky enough to represent my country (Australia) at the 1992 Expo in Sevilla, Spain. I also managed to get work at Expo 93 Taejon, Korea and Expo 98 in Lisbon, Portugal. I believe that it is very fitting to assist New York in some way post 9/11. New York is one of the great cities of the world (after Melbourne). Right now it needs a vision for the future. Human interaction is what we need to foster understanding between cultures. So far the results of 9/11 have been panic, fear and mistrust. Now is the time to channel our energies into something important. The atmosphere in the World trade Centre must have been something like Expo due to the multitude of nationalities working there. The come back of this kind of atmosphere will be facilitated with Expo 2012 in NYC. Lets go Expo!"  Leon Saiz
  • "A 2012 NY World's Fair is a GREAT idea!"  Donald A. Blody
  • "I visited the 1958 World Exhibition in Brussels, this inspired me very much. In 1998 I wrote and published a book on the Czechoslovak Issues for the New York World's Fair of 1939 and 1940. New York can be -again- the advanced place for a new Fair, maybe devoted to peace, equality, human rights and care for our environment!"  Eckart H. Dissen
  • "Make NYC a star again as it was in 1939 & 1964"  Judy Hall
  • "A great idea whose time has finally come"  Gary Greer
  • "This sounds like a really good idea for all involved in bringing closure to the September 11th tragedy."  Natalie Willwerth
  • "I think this is a great idea to bring together a cultural awareness in New York and the world."  Emily R. Pendergast